Working papers


ECIS working papers

ECIS working papers are working papers authored or co-authored by ECIS fellows. They  are meant at disseminating research before publication. Please contact the authors for questions and/or remarks on their work.
ECIS working papers are listed at Ideas/Repec:

Year Number Title Authors Download link
2011 7 Industrial dynamics and economic geography: a survey Koen Frenken, Elena Cefis and Erik Stam
2011 6 Innovative business models for sustainable biofuel production: the case of Tanzanian smallholder jatropha farmers in the global biofuel chain Annelies J. Balkema and Henny A. Romijn
2011 5 What is protective space? Reconsidering niches in transitions to sustainability Adrian Smith and Rob P.J.M. Raven
2011 4 Path dependence in technologies and organizations: A concise guide Carolina Castaldi, Giovanni Dosi and Evita Paraskevopoulou
2011 3 Optimal modularity: A demonstration of the evolutionary advantage of modular architectures Koen Frenken and Stefan Mendritzki
2011 2 Translation Mechanisms in Socio-Technical Niches. A case study of Dutch river management Rob P.J.M. Raven, Geert P.J. Verbong, Wouter F. Schilpzand and Marten J. Witkamp
2011 1 Spatial differentiation in industrial dynamics: A core-periphery analysis based on the Marco Capasso, Elena Cefis and Koen Frenken
2010 10 The emerging empirics of evolutionary economic geography Ron Boschma and Koen Frenken
2010 9 Emergence of a biofuel economy in Tanzania: Local developments and global connections from an institutional perspective Saurabh Arora, Marjolein C.J. Caniëls and Henny A. Romijn
2010 8 The interplay between standardization and technological change: A study on wireless technologies, technological trajectories, and essential patent claims Rudi Bekkers and Arianna Martinelli