Working papers


ECIS working papers

ECIS working papers are working papers authored or co-authored by ECIS fellows. They  are meant at disseminating research before publication. Please contact the authors for questions and/or remarks on their work.
ECIS working papers are listed at Ideas/Repec:

Year Number Title Authors Download link
2013 5 Governance and success of university-industry collaborations on the basis of Ph.D. projects – an explorative study Negin Salimi, Rudi Bekkers and Koen Frenken
2013 4 The complexity of transitions Paolo Zeppini, Koen Frenken and Roland Kupers
2013 3 Related Variety, Unrelated Variety and Technological Breakthroughs: an analysis of U.S. state-level patenting Carolina Castaldi, Koen Frenken and Bart Los
2013 2 Innovation diffusion in networks: the microeconomics of percolation Paolo Zeppini, Koen Frenken and Luis R. Izquierdo
2013 1 Just-in-time inventions and the development of standards: How firms use opportunistic strategies to obtain standard-essential patents (SEPs) Byeongwoo Kang and Rudi Bekkers
2012 5 Designing for a living? Income determinants among firm founders in the Dutch design sector Arthur Vankan, Koen Frenken and Carolina Castaldi
2012 4 Interrogating Protective Space: Shielding, Nurturing and Empowering Dutch Solar PV Bram Verhees, Rob Raven, Frank Veraart, Adrian Smith, Florian Kern
2012 3 Breaking out of the national: Foundations for a multi-scalar perspective of socio-technical transitions Rob Raven, Johan Schot and Frans Berkhout
2012 2 Standardizing Sustainability: Certifying Tanzanian biofuel smallholders in a global supply chain Henny Romijn, Sanne Heijnen and Saurabh Arora
2012 1 Recombinant innovation and endogenous technological transitions Koen Frenken, Luis R. Izquierdo and Paolo Zeppini