Working papers


ECIS working papers

ECIS working papers are working papers authored or co-authored by ECIS fellows. They  are meant at disseminating research before publication. Please contact the authors for questions and/or remarks on their work.
ECIS working papers are listed at Ideas/Repec:

Year Number Title Authors Download link
2015 5 The Identification of Breakthrough Inventions Using Tail Estimators: Counting Superstar Patents Carolina Castaldi and Bart Los
2015 4 Users, Consumers, Citizens: a Systematic Review of their Roles in Sustainability Transitions Bram Verhees and Geert Verbong
2015 3 Developing service-inclusive systemic policy: four approaches Matthijs Janssen and Carolina Castaldi
2015 2 The Costs and Benefits of Generality: A Trade-off Based Argument Against the Unconditional Value of Generality in Economic Modelling Stefan Mendritzki
2015 1 Proximity, knowledge base and the innovation process The case of Unilever’s Becel diet margarine Mila Davids and Koen Frenken
2014 10 Crowdfunding niches? Exploring the potential of crowdfunding for financing renewable energy niches in the Netherlands Eleftheria Vasileiadou, Boukje Huijben and Rob Raven
2014 9 Does working with industry come at a price? A study of doctoral candidates’ performance in collaborative vs. non-collaborative PhD projects Negin Salimi, Rudi Bekkers and Koen Frenken
2014 8 "Let's do it ourselves": Individual motivations for investing in renewables at community level Gabriella Dóci and Eleftheria Vasileiadou
2014 7 Dynamic capabilities for service innovation: conceptualization and measurement Matthijs Janssen, Carolina Castaldi and Alexander Alexiev
2014 6 Exploring the transition potential of renewable energy communities Gabriella Dóci, Eleftheria Vasileiadou and Arthur Petersen