Past ECIS P&E seminars



Michael Davis (Illinois Institute of Technology), "The Fukushima nuclear disaster: some issues of engineering ethics"

Jilles Smids (Eindhoven University of Technology), "Human versus technological persuasion: some ethical implications"

Tom Wells (Erasmus University Rotterdam), "Adam Smith’s bourgeois virtues in competition"

Elselijn Kingma (King's College, London), "Ethics & Epistemology of Evidence Based Medicine : mistaking hierarchies of evidentiary tools for evidence"

Alan Thomas (Tilburg University), "Taurek Cases and Non-Comparative Justice"

Johnny Soraker (Twente University), "Positiv(ist) Ethics of Technology: Combining the empirical and axiological turn in philosophy of technology"

Roman Frigg (London School of Economics), "Models and Fiction"

Philip Nickel and Krist Vaesen (Eindhoven University of Technology), "Trust and Risk"



Anya Topolski (Eindhoven University of Technology), “Military Ethics without Banisters: A Critique of Just War Theory”

Maureen Sie (Erasmus University Rotterdam), “Dirty Tables, Deadly Trolleys and Dumbfounded Students. What do they tell us about moral agency?”

Eran Tal (University of Toronto), “Measurement and Robustness”

Auke Pols (Eindhoven University of Technology), “Artefacts and Reasons for Action”

Bruno Verbeek (Leiden University), "A Vindication of Voluntarism? Some remarks about a recalcitrant idea"

Rosja Mastop (Eindhoven University of Technology), “Characterising responsibility in organisational structures: The problem of many hands”

Per Sandin (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), “Women and Children First”  

Martin van Hees (University of Groningen), "An Anatomy of Moral Responsibility"

Conor McHugh (Institut Jean Nicod), “Doxastic Freedom, Voluntariness and Freedom of Intention”

Dorette van der Tholen (Universiteit Tilburg)

Marcus Duewell (Universiteit Utrecht)

Marcel Boumans (University of Amsterdam), "Measurement outside the laboratory"

Tsjalling Swierstra (Maastricht University), "Using techno-moral scenarios to enhance public deliberation on nanotechnology’s soft impacts"

Rik Peels (Utrecht University), "Epistemic Justification and Indirect Doxastic Voluntary Influence"