This research program aims to increase our understanding of the knowledge economy by studying processes of technological innovation, institutional transformation in a global context. We adopt an evolutionary-theoretic perspective focusing on the interplay between knowledge, innovation, networks, instiutions and industrial dynamics. We analyse the Schumpeterian process of creative destruction associated with the development and adoption of major innovations, which leads some actors to gain and others to loose. We also look at the drivers and impacts of innovation among firms, universities, governments, consumers, and social groups more generally. Particular emphasis lies on how regulation, standardization and IPRs affect the rate and direction of innovations and their assimilation in society. Our main domains of application are sustainable energy, health, ICTs and services.
The programmes covers the following six themes:
1. Globalisation and Development
- Biofuels: organizing for (un)sustainability
- Innovations in the global south: agriculture, energy and water
- Regulation and standardization: mechanisms of inclusion and/or exclusion
Researchers: Yuti Ariani, Evelien de Hoop, Henny Romijn
Partners: Rob Raven (UU), Rinie van Est (TU/e), Andreas Spahn (TU/e), Marjolein Caniels (Open Univ), Saurabh Arora and Tommaso Ciarli (SPRU)
More information can be found on the website Biofuels; sustainable innovation or gold rush?
or on the dedicated page of the TDG (Technology, Development and Globalization) certificate.
2. Information and Communication Technology
- Cost-benefit analysis of broadband technology
- ICT adoption in public and private sector
- E-health
Researchers: Sadaf Bashir, Bert Sadowski, Jan Smits
Partners: Uwe Matzat (TU/e), Chris Snijders (TU/e), Cees van Beers (TU Delft), Sofie Verbrugge (Ghent Univ)
3. Patenting
- Technological trajectories and industrial dynamics
- Standardization and essential IPR
- Eco-patents
Researchers: Floor Alkemade, Rudi Bekkers, Carolina Castaldi, Onder Nomaler
Partners: Tim Simcoe (Univ Toronto), Arianna Martinelli (Sant’Anna, Pisa), Bart Los (Univ Groningen)
4. University-industry-government relations
- Mode 2 knowledge production and the proximity concept
- Network analysis of triple-helix collaborations
- Clinical trials
Researchers: Rudi Bekkers, Onder Nomaler
Partners: Harry Lintsen (TU/e), Koen Frenken (UU)
5. Innovation in services 
- Trademarks
- Dynamic capabilities, service innovation and firm performance
- Design industries in The Netherlands
Researchers: Carolina Castaldi
Partners: Pim den Hertog (Dialogic), Meindert Flikkema (Free University Amsterdam), Marco Giarratana (Bocconi)
6. Complexity theory
- Autocatalytic networks and knowledge production
- The recombinant logic of breakthrough innovations
- NK fitness landcapes and the twin characteristics approach to artifact evolution
Reseachers: Onder Nomaler, Paolo Zeppini
Partners: Wybo Houkes (TU/e), Koen Frenken (UU), Stefan Mendritzki (TU/e), Elisa Giuliani (Univ Pisa), Luis Izquierdo (Univ Zaragoza)