Synergy projects


Synergy Projects

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ECIS new style is the research institute of the new School of Innovation Sciences. It is devoted to building bridges between research activities within the School, increasing visibility of the School in the outside world, and encouraging the development of new high-quality research lines that provide synergy between at least two existing research lines.

Opportunities for synergy between research lines abound, but cannot be achieved overnight. The ECIS board therefore actively supports efforts for building programs that are, in a timespan of one to two years, able to organize international meetings within our sub-department and to produce high-quality research output and to attract external funding.

Proposals for such synergy programs can be submitted to the ECIS board twice each year; before June and before November. Proposals should concisely (ca. 2000 words) describe the following elements of the program:

(a) general aim

(b) researchers involved (co-operation with researchers outside ECIS is also possible; as long as the co-ordinator will be from the School of Innovation Sciences).

(c) how synergy is provided, between which existing research lines

(d) possible projects (PhD, post-doc) and research questions

(e) the activities should lead to an application for external funding submitted to NWO, ESF, EU etc. and if possible a joint journal paper or special issue.

Seed money (up to €6.000) will be made available to support the initial activities of the synergy program, in particular its international workshop. The board will also actively cooperate in the further development of selected proposals, e.g., by offering the expertise of its members in attracting research funding and/or by consulting external scholars.

The ECIS board particularly (but not exclusively) welcomes proposals that aim to develop the theme of transitions, as described in the mission statement of the School of Innovation Science: "In our research we focus on the interaction between technological, economic, psychological and social developments, with an emphasis on pervasive and long term changes (transitions). In studying these changes, we adopt three approaches: a) description and analysis, b) intervention (policy, management), and c) critical reflection and normative evaluation." (Midterm Research Assessment Technology Management 2002-2007, p.21)

Finally, the proposed research program should promote synergy between at least two of the following research programs:

• Technology Flows, the Knowledge Economy and Economic Performance

• Psychology of Human-Technology Interaction

• Modern Societies in Transition

• Philosophy of Technology: Ethics and Epistemology of Innovation

• System Innovations & Sustainability Transitions