Mobility and urban planning in Asia


Project description
This is a proposal to the ECIS Board to fund a workshop which should lead to the construction of a research agenda, a publication and international research network on mobility and urban planning. An NWO and/or an WOTRO application will be formulated. The workshop, to be held in Kolkata, will in any case strengthen the ties between Jadavpur University and TU/e in terms of student and staff exchange, and recruitment for the TIS Master.
The workshop will be organized together with prof. Joyashree Roy, director of the Center for Global Change at Jadavpur University (one of the top universities in India). Both proposers have already met her and have contacts with this university. The 3 day workshop consists of the following two elements:

  • A 2 day workshop on comparative and transnational aspects of, on the one hand, the history of mobility and urban planning in Europe and Asia, and, on the other hand, the transition towards sustainable development in the near future. This workshop starts with a call for papers in India, making use of prof. Roy’s network, and includes historians, planners and social scientists; the aim of the workshop is to investigate the possibilities of a common research project, and, the writing of a proposal for such a project. The option for a joint article will be explored.
  • one extra day either before or after this workshop, a “day of exchange” is organized on which professors from TU/e-TIS (Gijs Mom, Rob Raven, Johan Schot and /orRuth Oldenziel) together with professors from Jadapvpur university explore mutual research and teaching interests. The aim of this part is to strengthen the ties between the two departments, to set up a schedule of exchange of students and staff, and to recruit for the Master Innovation Sciences.

Researchers involved:
Dr. Gijs Mom
Dr. Rob raven
The research program promotes synergy between the following research programs: Modern Societies in Transition and System Innovation & Sustainability Transition.