Mobility history and modernity in Asia


Mobility history and modernity in Asia

This is a proposal to the ECIS Board to fund the construction of an international research network on modernity and mobilities, and to investigate the possibilities of applying for an international research grant with Indian and Chinese partners. It also should provide the possibility of finding a European partner in order to be able to apply for an Internationalisation Humanities grant in 2012.

We intend to bring together two networks of Indian and Chinese scholars on two separate workshops, one in India and one in China.

The workshop in Delhi will be set up by TU/e and TRIPP, the world-famous research institute in traffic safety, connected to one of the premier Indian technical universities, India Institute of Technology (IIT) –Delhi. Dinesh Mohan, emeritus Professor at TRIPP was one of the editors of WHO’s world survey of road safety, while TRIPP has been sponsored for many years by the Volvo Foundation. Prof. Geetam Tawari of TRIPP maintains a close cooperation with activists from the Institute for Democracy and Sustainability, most particularly its director Rajendra Ravi, who have excellent connections with the cycle rickshaw community, which consists of more than 100,000 Indians, mostly migrants from poor states such as Bihar. The workshop is intended to gather couples of scholars and activists from a selection of Indian cities, with similar situations but on a much smaller scale, on the condition that they contribute a common paper on the cycle rickshaw situation in their city. These cities are part of the network of Mr. Ravi.

The synergy project should fund the travel and accomodation costs (in the university’s guest house) of these participants, plus the travel and accomodation costs of the two applicants from the Netherlands, with a maximum of €5000. Primary goal is the publication of a common special issue of a first-class international journal, as well as the writing of a plan for further collaboration, including a common research proposal. A third goal is the extension of an earlier visit by one of the applicants to recruit students for TU/e’s Department of Innovation Sciences’ Master course.

The workshop in Shanghai will be set up by dr. Jianjun Zhu of Guangdong University and the sinologist dr. Nanny Kim of the University of Heidelberg in cooperation with Fudan university in Shanghai. This workshop has a broader goal: to start constructing a network of first-class scholars on Chinese mobility and its culture. Whereas for India we have already identified such scholars, this work should only begin for China.

Researchers involved:

Dr. Gijs Mom

Dr. Saurabh Arora

The research program promotes synergy between the following research programs: Technology Flows, the Knowledge Economy and Economic Performance and Modern Societies in Transition.