Socio-technical transitions in emerging economies


Socio-technical transitions in emerging economies
Project leader
Rob Raven
Project duration: Sept 2012 - Nov 2013
Within Ecis there are several groups concerned with innovation and sustainability transitions in developing economies including history (Schot), economics (Romijn, Arora, Balkema), transitions (Raven, Verbong), and philosophy (Spahn) involving 2 postdocs (Balkema, Pols), 5 PhD students (Ariani, Velthuis, de Hoop, Sengers, Jolly) and two external PhD students. What is more, there are related PhD projects on sustainability transitions by Verbong and Lintsen focusing on the Dutch context.
The main objective of this ECIS synergy proposal is to further tighten collaboration of between the programs through a number of shared activities. The ultimate materialization of these activities would be the successful submission of a shared project proposal to NWO, EU-FP7 program and/or Asian funding sources. However, also a number of sub-deliverables are identified as intermediate steps.
This synergy project consists of the following activities:

  1. Organization of winter school on sustainability
  2. Preperation of new grant proposals on sustainability
  3. Guest professorship Prof. Dr. Joyashree Roy (Jadavpur University)

Ad. 1
We want to explore funding opportunities for research projects on history, economics, ethics and transition aspects in energy and mobility, in particular from Dutch (NWO), European (FP7 and 8) and Asian/transnational funders, and discuss these opportunities in a shared setting with all proposers of this ECIS synergy project. To this end, an assistant will be hired to indentify opportunities, and to assist project proposal writing, e.g. literature reviews and empirical preparation work.
Ad. 2
We want to prepare a PhD winter school on ‘navigating sustainability transitions in emerging economies’, currently planned for early 2013 by Rob Raven and Saurabh Arora. This winter school is primarily intended for all Ecis PhD students, postdocs and other researchers working on sustainability transitions in emerging economies. The student assistant mentioned before will also assist in preparing the winter school.
Ad. 3
We will invite Prof. Dr. Joyashree Roy from Jadavpur University for two one-week guest professorship visits, most likely in fall 2012 and fall 2013. Her visit will include the following activities

  • 1 day  presentations and workshop with PhD students and postdoc s(Annelies Balkema, Auke Pols, Frans Sengers, Suyash Jolly, Evelien de Hoop, Boukje Huijben, Yuti Ariani, Misha Velthuis)
  • Master class on development economics and sustainable development for master students from Innovation Sciences (IS) and Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)
  • Collaborative work on exploring relevant research topics for new research proposal. As an intermediate step the ambition is to work on an ECIS working paper. The student assistant will also be involved in this.
  • Participate in the development of the USE learning line on sustainable design

The synergy project will include the following deliverables:

  • List of relevant funding opportunities, maintained for 15 months, and regularly reviewed for opportunities between three different groups
  • PhD presentation and workshop day for students from different groups
  • Master class for master students IS & SET
  • ECIS working paper